Team Building Event or Team Building Experience? You Decide.

There are two types of team building, events and experiences.   Team building events are as simple as getting together for a meal, or an informative activity.  The activity is  fun, easily directed by a novice, and has the effect of getting your team in the same space for a few minutes.  An experience is a whole different thing.

A team building experience has the power to change your team.  An experience will give your team new thoughts, stronger relationships, and a shared memory.  Experiences elicit visceral responses, and have long lasting results.  Experiences change things in your work environment, usually for the better, especially if you utilize a skilled facilitator.

Canvas Creek Collaborative Art is a great example of a team building experience.

During our collaborative art process, the team is stressed, confused, concerned, and afraid of failure.  It is only in coming together that they have success and in that coming together they bond as a group.  Furthermore, we go to great lengths to make sure the team has these responses, and watch them closely to make sure their response is on target with the business goals.  In the end the team is proud of what they created-  together.  They are excited about what other activities they can accomplish-  together.  They are excited to stand- together.  Together.  It’s what makes a team, a team.  Working, thinking, acting, playing, succeeding- together.   Each of those moments happen in front of our canvas.

We use ‘events’ in conjunction with an experience, or as a ‘get to know us’ activity.  Our most popular events are Don’t Drop the Dough™ and Hear Gone and Ringing™.  Don’t Drop The Dough™ is a hilarious and high energy activity.  The activity  drives home the importance of communication and repetition.  Hear Gone and Ringing™ is a communication exercise.  During this exercise we use bells to demonstrate the strength of your message, in addition to the human aspect of a wandering mind.

When should you use a team buildingteam building experience, and when should you settle for a team building event?

It’s a valid question.  Your team does not need an experience if everything is clicking along just fine.  There are no big changes on the horizon, comfortable goals are being met and people are getting along. During these times, an event will do, especially if it contains elements of appreciation, and relaxation.  On the other hand,  when the opposite is true, there are changes, challenges, or big celebrations, an experience is the best gift you can give your group.  They need a fun opportunity to enjoy each other, and to grow as a unit, under the guidance of a skilled facilitator.

When you are looking for a team building experience, we hope you will choose us.  100% of our teams say they are stronger after collaborative art, using our process, than before.  That is just the way we like it.   855-832-6278

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