We Get It!

Art isn’t for everyone!

Sometimes you want good, old-fashioned, just for fun team building.   While we won’t do throw away events (take the team to an arcade or a movie and call it team building) we do LOTS of things besides art.  We make sure that every event ties to your business goals, that every event is barrier free, and that every participant is engaged in the activities.  In other words, that taking time away from work will have a positive impact on your work.  We also ensure that our team is ready to help your team through discussions, disagreements, and the powerful collaborations that can happen when you leave work behind to think different thoughts.

Art.  If it’s not for you, it’s not for you, but Canvas Creek is still the best choice for effective team building.

Some of our most Popular Choices Include

  • Don’t Drop the Dough  Great for those who pass clients or projects from person to person
  • A. P. E.  Applaud and Praise Everything is for clients who want to say “you’re important here”
  • Bubble Blowers Pure fun for any team- with surprising insights
  • Crane Game Heavy lifting just got easier
  • Scavenger Hunts Photo based fun
  • Bell Ringers Communication insights
  • Bandana Insights Trust walks
  • Excuse Busters Goal setting
  • More More More– We are always developing new activities based on client needs- just ask!