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Laugh, Love and Create!

Jump Into The Creek!

Your family is your most important team! They are the people that will cheer you, comfort you, challenge you, drive you crazy, and make you proud.  Yet, have you ever stopped for a few hours and created something truly meaningful, together? Something you will look at, and laugh about, for years to come?

We think you should!
A Canvas Creek painting, hanging in your home, will be a beautiful reminder of who you are today. Families hang this art in living rooms, dining rooms, play rooms and vacation homes, because this is their art, their story. Told in bright colors with scribbles, splatters and most importantly, laughter.
The moments you spend in The Creek will be moments you cherish forever.
With this process we are ready to help you celebrate life, bond in new ways, change directions, act as a team. Creatively.
This fun workshop drives communication, understanding, creativity and laughter.  It is a great fit for families who are celebrating, changing, healing, or just love to do great things, together. 

Your Family.  Our Process.  Lots of Color.  Meaningful Art.   It’s Amazing.

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Family Intro

Our family has never stood side by side and created something together before.  I love it.

MichaelWith One Little Tear

This event helped our family to start talking again, and that led to healing.

DeniseWith A Smile

I didn’t want to do this, now I can’t wait hang the art in our dining room.  It is the most powerful thing we have ever done together.

DaveWith a Grin

This is my favorite piece of art and I can’t believe how much it means to me and my boys.  It captured who we are, and who we want to be.

PamWith a Lot of Tears

This is the best portrait we’ve ever taken, and we didn’t have to dress up or smile.

SteveWith a Laugh

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