Why I Love to Facilitate Team Building Events at Retreats

I’ll admit it.

I absolutely love to work with teams at retreats.

It does not matter if we are together because they can’t get along, they are a team dealing with change, or they simply deserve time away, I am glad to work with teams every single day.  However, I LOVE! facilitating team building events at retreats because retreats bring out the best in people.

At a retreat times seems to stand still, the air is pure, the space designed for contemplation and growth.  People are relaxed, often in awe of the space they are occupying.   When Canvas Creek rolls in to facilitate team building at a retreat we are always greeted with smiles, helpers, and an air of excitement.  Our making over of a room, or outdoor space, helps the team to think new thoughts, to get our of their comfort zones, and to embrace change.

When a team is in a space designed for growth it is easy to bond them, easy to help them develop deep and lasting insights.  Easy to see their very best intentions for the work that they do.

While we are working with teams at retreats we can pivot, or  change the activity to meet the weather, the conversations, or the circumstances.  These pivots make me feel alive!  I didn’t start Canvas Creek to do the same ol thing, the same ol way, every single day.   I started it so we could be the absolute best experience for transforming teams, and that is easiest to do in a retreat setting.   http://canvascreekteambuilding.com/team-building-collaborative-canvas-painting/ 

I love what I do.   And I’d love to do it with your people, at your next retreat, especially if it’s in a beautiful space.  Spaces like that are a boon to my life’s work.

Let’s go on a team building retreat!

team building at a retreat

This team created great results at their retreat.


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