My Vision-

When Canvas Creek began I knew I wanted to have an impact on the world and to train coaches to do the same.  People told me, “this could be big” but I didn’t want BIG for the sake of big.  I wanted to have an impact.  I’ve tried several things, perfected the process, the training, and now, here we are.  My vision for a country in pain.

I see Canvas Creek as a movement of moms, dads, grandparents and older siblings who speak to students about creating their experience. Business coaches who help people understand that each person, each element is important to the whole work they do together.

People who help facilitate workshops full of laughter and acceptance.

High energy coaches who will show students how to behave instead of what not to do.

“This was the first time a program didn’t trick us.  Usualy we’re having a good time and BAM, “don’t do drugs!”.   You told us what to do, treated us like we had a brain, and everyone appreciated it.” 

Coaches full of wisdom who will help people embrace their strengths and differences at work.

“As I was painting I realized this was not for me, it was for us, and that if I actually collaborated we could create something beautiful together.  I’m taking that back to the office!” 

Together we will give participants a firm and loving vision for their tomorrow.  For their high school experience. For family relationships. For work life.

An ability to say, “I know you.  I value you.”  and most importantly, “I see you.”

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.  It’s sure to be a BIG one.

Licensed Coaching

Canvas Creek Licensed Coaches operate independently from Canvas Creek, yet benefit from being part of this community.  Initially, coaches will receive 16 hours of training and a refinement call after their first three events.  Coaches have access to logos, printable materials, and may have their name listed on the Canvas Creek  Coaches page.

Canvas Creek Licensed Coaches are not:

Artists- having some creative ability is helpful, but an art background is not required.

Therapists- unless you are a therapist.  All clients should understand you are a coach.  Often, families like to have their therapists in the room during these sessions and we encourage you to embrace this practice.

Employees- You may work with one family per year, 10 families per day, and as long as you remain inside our guidelines we are going to get along just fine.

Canvas Creek Coaches are:

Appreciated- We could not do this work without you!

Encouraged- Expect regular email and social encouragement from us, and each other.

Empowered- You will gain insights, tips, tricks and the knowledge need to do the best job possible for your clients.

Being a Canvas Creek coach will be a very rewarding experience.  You will see families laugh, cry, communicate, and most important, love each other.  You will see business teams start with hesitancy, let loose and have fun together, before having profound conversations about their work.

We are glad you are here!  If you have ANY questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or a member of our team.   ~Karen

Family Coach

Licensed Family Coaches are determined to make a positive impact on families.  Often they are doing life coaching or family therapy and are looking for an additional tool, a powerful resource for creating change.

These coaches have access to logos, suppliers, and undergo 16 hours of training.

Our training program covers everything from how to paint, ( you DO NOT need to be artistic) to what it means when someone creates a border during the process.  These independent coaches are a valuable player on our team, as everything begins in the home.

If you are passionate about helping families communicate, heal, or simply enjoy one another, this training is for you!

School Partner

Canvas Creek School Partners are our high energy, fast thinking, ‘let’s change the world’ type of coaches.   They believe something has to be done, and we might as well get to work doing it!

Often, these coaches come out of the school system, are already teen coaches, or are ready to take what they know about corporate America into the schools.

School Partners pair with us for a dynamic school event, which is part of their training, and receive an introduction to the school as the Family Coach of choice. These coaches are also licensed to work with teen leader groups of 100 people or less as well as non-profit client groups.

School Partners are integral to the changes we must see in our hallways and are confident they can help students to be more accepting, feel more accepted, and set strong goals.

If you are ready to be the change, become a School Partner today.

Business Coach

Licensed Business Coaches should possess a strong business background and have the capacity to think on their feet.

During this training event you will learn how to use paint, and a blank canvas, to bring out the very best in a group of diverse individuals, helping them to create ROI by taking the lessons of the canvas back to their work environment.

Canvas Creek Collaborative Art has been used in boardrooms, mechanic shops, warehouses, and front offices, always with the goal of helping people to have creative flow in their work, and relationships.  This training includes tips for strategic planning, mission refinement, and communication sessions.  At the end of the process, you will feel confident to understand the lessons of the canvas and offer Canvas Creek as a high powered tool to your clients.

Case Study

A Challenged Team

This office called us during a moment of crisis.  They had deadlines to meet, new team members, departing team members and feuding team members.  There was no time to waste as clients waited for projects and staff left at the end of the day, drained and, “soggy.”

The Process

The team did not know what to expect, bey0nd meet in the lunchroom at 4 pm, dressed for gardening.  We covered the windows with paper, set up 25 canvases and waited as the 100 people walked into the room.  Thier mouths dropped open.  Some laughed, some were openly hesitant, unsure if they could create art, and not too happy about taking work time to “play.”

We used the Laughing Water approach for this group- this event is full of happy music, bright colors and the freedom to play.  Each canvas began in a very segmented fashion, but as the groups, divided at random, began to know and trust one another, their moves became bolder and their art became more alive.   When the teams decided they were done we talked about the art, the process, and what they learned about each other.

Because this team was in crisis mode there were honest words and open discussions.  During the debriefing, the teams looked at the canvases and talked about how an element, like a small race car, represented what their customers expected- speed and precision.


The team chose five pieces of art to hang in the hallways and several for the lunchroom.   Two months later they reported that all client projects were on time and no one left at the end of the day feeling ‘soggy.’  One year later we returned, this time to celebrate success and togetherness.

A Busy Family

This family came to us as a moment of respite.  A time to be together.   To stop, stand side by side, and create something that represented them.   Everyone was healthy, the children were ages 7, 9, 12, and mom and dad were happily in love.   They were, as so many families are, busy, and taking time to stop was not easy.

The Process

We set up the canvas in a quiet room,  with the family looking towards a blank wall.   Phones were turned off and soft music played.

They began to paint as we expected, each person in their section, making little icons of life.  trees, and suns, flowers and crosses.   Slowly the family came together.  Collaborated on each element they wanted to add.  There was no talking, just pointing and smiling as they ‘heard one another.   They respected the rules and the roles, each person making their contribution, but more than anything, they stood close and worked together.

Then dad stepped back, he watched his family create…together.   This isn’t unusual, someone stepping back and taking it all in.

Then he wiped his eyes.  I asked, “what’s going on?”  he replied, “we have never stood side by side and created something before.  It’s amazing.”  Then he went back to the canvas, kissed each person on the head and painted their family name across the canvas.   Everyone stopped, looked, hugged.


Three years later the canvas hangs in the dining room of what is considered their favorite place on earth, their cabin.   The name of the cabin was on the canvas, and so were the activities each person enjoys.   Dad said “each time we visit, the canvas is like an old friend.  It makes us laugh and we tell everyone all about it.”   They have added to the art.  Names of pets, and little symbols that represent each visit.  The canvas tells them a story, a story of their best times.

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