Spring Creek- For Peace or Healing

The Story

Set in a meadow in the Black Hills of South Dakota, my family would visit Spring Creek for calm afternoons of sunshine and picnics.   Wildflowers framed the water’s edge and we dipped our toes in the peaceful flow of this creek.  We would build small dams and listen as each stone change the music that was Spring Creek.  Peaceful laughter.  Quiet moments.  Deep conversations and love, that is what I think of when I think of Spring Creek.  ~Karen

Non Art Events

Your Experience

Stepping into Spring Creek will be like our day in the hills.  Peaceful.  Calm.  Kind.  You’ll explore the canvas as we explored the meadow.  Its many colors filling the day with joy, allowing you to honor the people you are creating this memory with. The music will be peaceful and the process will take as long as it takes- up to two hours- because there is no need to rush when you are in Spring Creek.  All that matter is healing.  Peace.  Time to unwind, to love, to just be.

For work groups, we flow into quiet conversations or meditation activities that promote presence at work.

4-100 people.  Best held in a location without outside noise or interruption.  3-5 hours.

Your Art

Small brush strokes.  Playful smears.  This art is generally calm, often with many layers.  Teams who participate in Spring Creek use their art to hold their wisdom, as a place to remember how very important each brush stroke, each person, is to the whole of their experience.  During Hospice events we often save treasured words and handprints.  Spring Creek art is often filled with white space and is seldom bold.

Case Study

The Team – West Park Village

This group actually won their Canvas Creek experience and were thrilled to get to participate.  The hectic pace of their work, with demands from patients, families, and process stretched their patience with each other.

The Process

For this team we began with several activities designed to get everyone talking, to find commonalities.  The painting process was calm, cool and powerful.  The team relaxed, old hurts were given up, and the team that didn’t always get along ended the day by pretending to throw paint on their boss who laid on the floor.


This team left relaxed and laughing.  They felt united and ready to take on their work with renewed focus.  They have asked Canvas Creek to facilitate and participate in many events.