Rabideux Creek- for Planning

The Story

Only the best fishermen find this creek, a hidden gem near Denali National Park.  Rabideux Creek is a true frontier experience with large fish, beaver dams that must be forded. Launching your canoe you know you are in for a day full of twists, turns, and decisions, as you travel 14 water miles over a six miles stretch of land.  Each turn brings a new view, a new possibility, and sometimes a grizzly lazing in the sun or a moose munching in the swamp. ~Paul

Your Experience

Rabideux Creek is an event designed for creative thinking, proactive ideas, and plan consensus.  Just like floating Rabideux, there is seldom a straight line from idea to plan, which is why our day is flexible and based on your team’s needs.  Generally, we begin with a SWOT before the event.  The day of the event your team will participate in one or more fun activities before jumping into our signature Collaborative Art Experience.  After painting, your team will feel creative, connected and appreciate the purity of air that seems to fill the room.  Ideas flow freely, laughter and easy banter move conversation along.   We use several tools to help your team arrive at the best workable plan, which is presented to you, in writing, within 72 hours.      Best held off site.  4-8 hours depending on desired outcomes.

Your Art

Rabideux Art is often full of white space and mission statements.   This art is used as a catalyst for conversation, with your teams signature piece holding the most meaning.  Teams often hang their signature piece in meeting rooms and have even filmed commercials in front of their art.

Case Study- Home Builders Association Board

The Team – Home Builders Association

This group came to us for communication issues and the need to refine their strategic plan.  Comprised of builders, lawyers, bankers, building commonalities was our first goal.

Unique team building events

The Process

Canvas Creek led this team through tower building before stepping into the Collaborative Art Process.  We build a lot of towers, and this team still holds the record for longest freestanding tower ever constructed out of spaghetti and marshmallows.   a testament to their building standards, no doubt.  The participants were very reluctant to paint, finding the activity to be “kindergarten” or “beneath them.”   Being team players meant everyone agreed to at least put a word on the canvas.  The power of our process saved the day when all but one person stayed invested in the activity and in the end were proud to tell the stories of the art they created together.


This team reported more streamlined board meetings, more engaged board members, and increased effectiveness of their strategic plan.  They also auctioned off the art they were reluctant to create and funded two scholarships with the proceeds.  We think that’s a big win!