Pine Creek- for Learning

The Story

Pine Creek is in Paradise Valley, Montana.  It’s a small creek with dramatic falls and riffles as it pours out of the Absorke Mountains.  When we are at Pine Creek we are generally involved in raising Leaders, at a camp called RYLA.  These students have become some of our dearest friends and our greatest hope for the world.  While at camp our campers learn from leaders, mentors and each other.   The mix of experiences provides an amazing result- confidence, goals, and friendships.  We spend as much time as we can at Pine Creek, and would love to have you join us there!  ~Paul and Karen

Your Experience

Pine Creek is our most customized experience.  It is designed for you and your team, around your goals, needs, and tastes.  Pine Creek is often paired with other trainers, other lessons.  We lead off with our powerful Collaborate Art so your team is bonded and open to learning then we move into other activities designed to generate maximum learning opportunities.  Pine Creek can last for a few hours or several days and in the best situations, we incorporate several art activities- because art helps the creative learning process and there is no one better at setting up creative learning environments.  Best for groups of 20-200 and often held during corporate retreats.

Your Art

Most often we rely on the Rock Creek experience for the Collaborative Art section of Pine Creek. It helps to prep your group for learning and change.   Here is that description- Rock Creek art is often a blur.  The initial elements are gone.  Chaos of change gives way to words and splatters that represent the team.  Participants will tell you what was on the canvas before the change, and the strongest teams will be proud of their art, and the survival it represents to them.  Rock Creek participants often hug at the end of the process, and they always face change with a new resolve that together they can do anything.

Case Study

The Team – Leadership Billings

This group originally came to us to change up their agenda.  They had one day to take participants for strangers to friends and to impress upon them that this is a leadership event.   We worked with their leadership to incorporate Chamber of Commerce info, get to know you activities, a scavenger hunt that introduces them to local treasures and information about community opportunities.  We have worked with this group for three years, always as their leadoff event.

Unique team building events

This team arrives with a bit of nerves, and hopes of making new connections.   We get them involved in Mix and Mingle, a high spirited get to know you activity, move them through speed networking, Treasure Can and a fan favorite Photo Op Scavenger Hunt.  The team reassembles for personality profiles, solution circles, panel discussions and finally, Collaborative Art.  People who entered the room as strangers take group selfies, hug and exchange contanct information before departing to cocktail hour.


Jennifer Reiser, COO of the Billings Chamber, feels that incorporating Pine Creek into the Leadership program has developed stronger bonds, less absenteeism more event satisfaction.   They have few dropouts and find that the participants take on more local projects, as a group, then they did previously.   We are proud of our work with these leaders and excited to see them grow into a force for good in our city.