Peneka Creek- a family art experience

The Story

Peneka Creek is the only creek that isn’t water.  Instead, it represents the initial family that tested Canvas Creek, mine.

When we completed the first family painting we knew we had done something special.  Something that would change lives, something that would be my lifetime calling, a business with meaning, art that held more depth than any other art we’d ever created.  And, we’d created it together using this crazy amazing process.

We still talk about the art we created that night and we hope your family will talk about yours for years to come.  That your art will become like our art, a place for peaceful conversations and happy memories, just like a day on a creek. ~ Karen

Schedule Your Event by calling 855-832-6278 Outside of Montana- gather 15 families and we will travel to you!

Art based team building

Your Experience

The best thing about PENEKA is we bring the creek to you, wherever your family is gathered, where they are most comfortable.

We put down a tarp, cover the area with plastic and put out the supplies, building excitement and curiosity for your family.  We introduce the process and then the beauty of PENEKA takes over.

The process becomes your experience, the art- your art, the story- your story.  Your family will laugh.  They will grunt, groan, make animated gestures, and, if necessary cry- because that is what you are going through at this stage of your life.  Mostly they will stand side by side, trying to figure out how to accomplish this task, excited to do it together, proud of what they are accomplishing- together.

This event takes 2 hours but will last a lifetime.   Groups- from 3-300 have painted on a family canvas.  $275+ per canvas

Your Art

The art created in PENEKA Creek is some of our favorite art.  It’s very iconic with suns, trees, flowers, and houses giving way to pieces that define your family.  University logos, favorite vacation spots, favorite foods, pets, and the activities that define your family.  When this art is made in tribute to someone, like a birthday celebrant or a hospice patient, we help your family to capture words, handprints, and mementos that mean the most to the recipient.

PENEKA art is your art.  Uniquely capturing your family at this place and time.

“This is the best family portrait we have ever taken, and no-one had a fight about what to wear!” ~ Steve

Stories from the Creek

Just for Fun