The Story

I grew up on Laughing Water Creek, in Custer, SD.   Laughing Water is a tiny creek set in a field filled with tall grass and childlike exuberance.  Catching frogs, jumping bikes, and catching candy from the caboose man each time the train went by and laughing.  Always laughing.  Celebrating life, freedom and friendship define Laughing Water for me. ~Karen

team building

Your Experience

Laughing Water by Canvas Creek is high energy, laughter, paint splashes and spontaneous dancing. Reluctant participants quickly overcome fear and become playful, teams leave with the warm feelings of carefree childhood days.    We love to add on several activities, such as scavenger hunts and Don’t Drop the Dough to make this day complete, to make this day a celebration of your team and the work that they do.   Plan 2-4 hours for this event.   25-1400 people  Excellent for outdoor events

Your Art

Laughing Water art is filled with bold strokes and big smears.  Your team will travel through the three stages quickly, with much movement, and ape like grunting as they try to figure out how to communicate without talking.    Four to five participants will create on a 24×48” canvas unless you are the type of team that wants to go big, that wants to make art with an impact.  For those teams we create team murals- and your walls will never be the same again!

The Team

The Environmental Defense Fund is a team encompassing multi-generational partnerships, remote locations, intense passion, and politics.

They called Canvas Creek Team Building to provide them with an afternoon of “get to know you” activities and a team building experience that would bond them together.

The Process

Canvas Creek had the team start with our “Treasure Can” activity, which is designed to help people learn about each other and laughing.  They moved on to a scavenger hunt and trust walk which ended in our mobile art studio, set in the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Inn.

The team got into the spirit of the activity with artist berets and peals of laughter.

We moved the team through our process with high energy, fun challenges, and a final, laughter filled debriefing.  The team took selfies, enjoyed admiring each team’s art and posed for a final photo that captures their high spirits.

The Results

We think Leane Shirley can say it better than we can:

I recently held a team building event for the clean Energy team at EDF and was so lucky to have Karen leading a fabulous session on working together through art. Karen has a way to warm people up immediately to being open to artistic expression and even some of the early skeptics totally enjoyed the experience. But we did more than just enjoy it, we bonded over the creative process, we built on each other’s ideas, and we laughed a lot. The experience was great and her vision of how to build a sense of team through painting on canvas is absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who wants to transform their employee’s morale. This was by far the most successful team building event I have attended.