Host a Creative Goal Setting Session

If you want goals that aren’t boring, there  are five things you will want to do to host a creative goal setting session—

Creative Goal Setting Session

Creative Goal Setting Session

  • Change the environment
  • Change the tools
  • Get them moving
  • Provide prompts
  • Forget reality

This is going to be a new kind of day, a day that throws your team off just a bit.   You do this so the team can think new thoughts, truly engage in the process of setting goals that aren’t boring.   Sales teams know the drill, they need to hit sales marks, increased over last year of course, hence they need to find new clients.  Those realities won’t change which is why you want goals to be colorful, exciting, and energizing.   My blog, Goals that Wont Bore Your Team will help you to think about creative goals.  Now, let’s dig into HOW you set the stage for finding those goals.

First of all, remember you are developing an environment of creative dissonance. This means this space is going to challenge and reward your team.  As a result, it is going to help them set and connect with a new type of goal.  It is going to be—fun!  And when is the last time anyone on your team said goal setting was fun?

Think about this, the more senses you have involved in the day, the bigger the goals will be.

  1. Change the Environment. Either move the table out of the room, or to the corner.   Bring in easels and flip charts rather than writing at tables.  Cover the floor with drop cloths. Put kraft paper on the walls.  Change the lighting.  Go outside.  Go to the warehouse.  Use the lobby at your biggest clients building. The point is to engage the brain by challenging it while figuring out how to manage this environment.
  2. Forget Pencils. We need color!  Bring in markers, crayons or paint brushes.   Yes, your team will probably roll their eyes when they see crayons, that is part of the process.  Assign one person to oversee technology, in addition, ask everyone to put away their phones and tablets.  Your technologist will do any research, or monitor necessary communications, for the team.
  3. Get Them Moving. I’d like for your team to do Canvas Creek Collaborative Art before they set goals, it makes them more creative, more collaborative, and more open to visualizing new outcomes. If that isn’t an option, get your team moving by eliminating chairs (provide a few chairs if someone is in a wheelchair, so conversations are still inclusive.)  Turn up the music and dance.  Set up snack stations in two or three areas. Have prompts placed all around the room.   Your goal is to get the creative juices flowing, by getting people moving. Consequently, this day will take a bit longer than your average meeting.
  4. Provide Prompts. Prompts can be items you sell, items your customers produce, big flavors, big colors, incentive posters, anything that makes your team think and hear possibilities. Snacks should have big flavors, to engage the senses (hot, cold, sweet, sour, pungent, —different) and prompts should have texture, sound, and malleability such as playdough or sand.   The idea is to engage all five senses.  Especially relevant, each sense is going to stimulate new ideas, and if those senses can be lit by the products you or your target customers represent, all the better.
  5. Forget Reality. My grandpa always said there are no atheists in fox holes, by comparison, there are no pessimists in goal setting either.   Every idea should be met with possibility, while the team thinks bigger and better.  The ideas that get response from your team should be circled in big, lavish loops, with lots of color.  There is no space for “It can’t be done, it won’t work, or yeah but”.  This is about silly, funny, thought provoking, limitless, thinking.  Consequently, this is the kind of thinking that tumbles over itself and goes from one idea to the next.   At the end of the day you can clean up the edges, make sure the goals will be effective, but for now let ideas flow freely.

Because this is an active, thinking day, take lots of breaks.  Most of all, change things in the middle of the flow, such as have people work in teams, then change the team.

This day should be about moving, talking, thinking, trying, and least of all- boredom.

Finally, as you wrap up your creative goal setting session it’s time to determine what you’ve accomplished.  Look at the ideas your team is most enthusiastic about and set your goals.  Ask which ideas will be fun.  Are there goals to help you to reach new audiences?  Which ideas does the team feel like they can get behind?  Do any ideas provide for measurable results?  Again, you know the realities of your work, you are just going to accomplish that work with goals that don’t feel like you are stuck in a rut.

In conclusion, choose one to three goals that are colorful (ten new clients with green in their logos) energizing (how many foot-steps does it take to close a deal) and interesting (clients with personality).  Congratulations, you have Goals that Won’t Bore Your Team, therefore everyone eagerly buys in to achieve them!

We will  help you with strategic planning, and creative goal setting; contact us at 855-832-6278 to discuss your team needs and our services.  

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