see How Canvas Creek Is literally Changing the way High Schoolers treat each other

Through a specialized program based on over 1o years of corporate team building

Thank you Boys and Girls Club for participating in this demo event...

"It was so powerful that there was a change in the hallways..."

When your students step into the CC Mobile Art Studio they're going to roll their eyes (they are freshmen, afterall).

Some of them will stand off by themselves. Some of them will be in small cliques, whispering about their first impressions. The artists are excited, the non artists are nervous, but our team is smiling.

We know that in a matter of hours, these students will have learned to be accepting of one another, they will feel accepted, and many of them are going to have a new impression of what it means to be part of this team.  

They will have gone through three distinct stages- Begin, Become, and Believe. They are no longer a group of people, they are a team who knows they can and will support one another through the most challenging times of their lives.  

The art, hanging in your classroom and hallways, will be a reminder of this day, of their commitment to the team, and of their belief in one another.  

It's what we do, and we can't wait for you to see how it works with your students!

Karen Grosz  Leading Consultant and Owner of Canvas Creek Team Building

Canvas Creek comes to you, indoors or out, 50 people or ten thousand. We bring the materials, the energy, and most important, the results! We want tangible results and happy clients. We can set up in a conference room, an outdoor pavilion, or a warehouse.

We have two overarching goals. The first, never make the janitor mad, is perhaps the most important. The second is to create a sense of pride in your students.  We guarantee you simple art, stunning results, and happy janitors.

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