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Goals that Won’t Bore Your Team!

To achieve more in 2017 you need to tell your team “no more boring goals!”   Instead, invite them to set goals that are colorful, energetic, unexpected, and exciting things.  Goals that gets them thinking in new ways; as a result you will have new ways to celebrate your team.

Imagine telling your sales team they are going to focus on finding the ten biggest companies with green ($) in their name or logo and making them a client.  Maybe you would settle for the ‘crumbs’ created by a cookie factory- who on your team can ‘sweep’ Nabisco into your sales funnel?  If you’re going for cookies, you are going to need milk, and the milk that is going crazy right now is any kind of milk made from nuts.  Figure out the ‘nuttiest’ way to reach out to these companies and award peanut butter for the person that ‘spreads’ your name around their office.

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Goals that wont bore your team!

Boring goals net boring results.  Boring goals lead to boring pitches. Your team is better than this!

What do you offer?  Who needs it?  What is the zaniest characteristic they  have?  How can you appeal to that?

This type of goal setting will net results, because it engages more senses, more thinking, and more fun.  Your team will drive the results that count when they collaborate on ideas, execution, and celebration.   Have you tried focusing on clients with three children, or helping six people who love purple fall in love with your product?  How about selling homes to people who ski, insurance to people who like tacos, or one car per month to someone who traveled to Europe?

One a personal note, maybe you need to loose weight, couldn’t you do that by working out with more people?  Set a goal to exercise with 1000 people this year. (Classes count!) Imagine counting mailboxes instead of miles, trees instead of steps, or turning left each time you see a dog.  Saving money? Put a dollar in your account for every red car you see on the way to work. Use the savings from coupons to fund your vacation.  It is just as important to not have boring goals at home as it is at work.  Another benefit- the more goals they achieve, the more goals you will achieve!  Therefore, encourage your team to reach all sorts of goals.

Creative team building, as a goal setting kick off, will cause your team to collaborate, not compete, therefore they will cooperate, not undermine.   Especially relevant, it is easier to stay focused on group goals when they are creative.  Canvas Creek is here to help you get achieve more in 2017 with goals that won’t bore your team!

Karen Grosz is author of “What’s Your Excuse?” and founder of Canvas Creek Team Building


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