Effective Team Building Activity

2016-10-26 11.13.44When your team is going through big changes, you want to offer them effective team building.   These events, when done well, build three things that are important, camaraderie, shared experiences, and team bonds.  Art based team building activities are among the best at building on all three of these ideas.

Your team will experience these three things when participating in our collaborative art process-

  1.  It will stress them, which makes them rely on one another.
  2. The art can not be completed alone, there is no room for a lone wolf, working together brings success.
  3. The art hangs on the wall as a long lasting reminder of what the team can do…together.

Effective team building activities will move quickly

To be worth the investment of time and money, effective team building will move quickly, it will use at least four senses, and it will give your team a sense of accomplishment.   Our art based team building activities work for teams that have new leaders, new systems, and new environments.  When the team walks in the room they are usually hesitant to attend ‘just another team building’.  About 1/3 will feel encouraged when the see the canvas’.  The rest will feel some level of dread.

That is when the magic of our process  takes over.    Assigned roles, given direction, and understanding the three stage process, the team dives into the project.  Soon, teams are derailed, challenged, just  like in real life.   When they are derailed, they come together, and the beauty of the art is revealed.  Those that dreaded the event jump in to support their teammates, as well as have fun!  Teams create art that captures their personality, their exuberance or hesitancy, and in the end, they will not be able to take their eyes off their creation.  You will see many pictures of Canvas Creek Team Building that show backs, not faces.  These photos capture what makes this effective team building,  a bond, a sense of pride, because of collaboration.

These photos capture what makes this effective team building,  a bond, a sense of pride, because of collaboration

When the team stands back and looks at their art they will tilt their heads to the left, tilt them to the right, and nudge each other.  They will smile.  During this stage nothing else in the room matters, except the people they created this art with.   We love Canvas Creek because it is not about us, it is about the people who create the art, and what they will do with this shared experience.

Canvas Creek takes their mobile art studio to every state, for teams of all sizes.  We have  sweet spot of 25 people, for transformative events, 100 people for effective events and 1000 people for celebration events.  Contact us today, and have a better team tomorrow.   canvascreekteams.com

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