Creative Corporate Team Building Activities- by Canvas Creek

Your Mission in Resin by Canvas Creek Team Building

Because Canvas Creek operates as a mobile art studio we bring you creative corporate team building activities that include everyone in the process.  Art based team building and activities are the fastest way to bond teams, because the activities are engaging, barrier free and rewarding.   They are also one of the few times that multi-generational teams will all be on the same page!   When your team takes time to create art together, they take time to think new thoughts, try new ideas, forge new ways of working together.

We often hear comments like “I didn’t expect JoAnn to be so good with a brush!” and “I could not have done this without Bill’s help.”  When teams learn that they can count on each other, and that they have unexpected (hidden) talents, things in the office improve quickly.

Three creative corporate team building activities offered by Canvas Creek-

Your Mission in Resin by Canvas Creek Team Building

  1. Collaborative Art.  We can’t say it enough, this works.  Watch this TEDx talk to learn about the development of this process which has been used by over 50,000 people.
  2. Your Mission in Resin.  Capture 3d items in this unique medium.   Each person will choose an item for display in the finished piece, placing it beside, under or over other peoples items.   We then capture the items in a thick resin pour and your art work is done and ready for display the next day.   These Resin Projects are great when part of a cocktail party, then displayed at the meeting the next day.
  3. Canvas Conversations.  Used as part of cocktail hour or communication training we take the paint and sip idea into the training realm.  Communication.  Change management.  Employee appreciation (this is incredible) we do amazing things with a paint brush and a canvas.

We do amazing things  with a paint brush and a canvas.

Creative events such as these give your team evidence of what they can do together and they look great hanging in the office.  You will often find your team showing them to clients, thus increasing relationship conversations.

Canvas Creek Team Building is a company of creative, expressive events.  We are proud to work with your trainers and meeting planners to make creative corporate events that will delight your staff—and the custodian, as we never leave a stain!

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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    Hi, These are great team building activities! I will definitely consider this for my workplace and suggest them to my co-workers. I appreciate you sharing them! Great, great ideas. Thank you.


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