Collaborative Art for Team Building

Collaborative Art, for team building

Collaborative Art, the original team building

Collaborative art has been around since cavemen, but until now was not used as a team building exercise for business.  Think about cavemen, all with a story to tell, figuring out that art was a way to preserve and communicate what they had seen and done.   Imagine them standing around ‘chewing the fat’ and looking at those blank cave walls. One of them probably said “I’m tired of all this gray, let’s get some color in here.” With that, an idea sprung to life.  Berries and charcoal, blood and dirt; the artists tried interesting combinations to get ‘just the right color’.  The fat chewers may have mocked the artists work and then been preserved  in a less than flattering pose.


As the cavemen told their story, arguing about who sunk the spear and who cowered behind the bushes, laughter ensued.  Soon, the wall  filled with color,  memories, and a message for tomorrow.  Messages we still honor today.

Collaborative art moved out of the cave, and into the studio as artists learned to embrace the idea of working together to complete a project.  Think Michelangelo, and the pharaohs.  Work that could not have been done alone, work with many voices.  Work we still honor today.

Canvas Creek takes collaborative art to a whole new level by using it as team building for business.

Four or more artists are active on the canvas at all times in the Canvas Creek process.   Seldom are these artists skilled,  yet they turn out masterpieces that speak to them and of them. It is work they do together, work that could not be done alone, work that builds strong bonds. Work participants honor  long after the event.

Canvas Creek is proud to be the developer of this unique process.   
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