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Effective Team Building Activity

When your team is going through big changes, you want to offer them effective team building.   These events, when done well, build three things that are important, camaraderie, shared experiences, and team bonds.  Art based team building activities are among the best at building on all three of these ideas. Your team will experience […]

What Makes Canvas Creek Successful?

When I designed the Canvas Creek Experience there was a more than one moment of doubt, more than one worry that it would not be successful with teams.  The concept was completely different than anything else being done with teams.  At the time, the formula was based on Tunisian art rules, used in times of […]

Host a Creative Goal Setting Session

If you want goals that aren’t boring, there  are five things you will want to do to host a creative goal setting session— Change the environment Change the tools Get them moving Provide prompts Forget reality This is going to be a new kind of day, a day that throws your team off just a bit. […]

Goals that Won’t Bore Your Team!

To achieve more in 2017 you need to tell your team “no more boring goals!”   Instead, invite them to set goals that are colorful, energetic, unexpected, and exciting things.  Goals that gets them thinking in new ways; as a result you will have new ways to celebrate your team. Imagine telling your sales team they are […]

Collaborative Art for Team Building

Collaborative art has been around since cavemen, but until now was not used as a team building exercise for business.  Think about cavemen, all with a story to tell, figuring out that art was a way to preserve and communicate what they had seen and done.   Imagine them standing around ‘chewing the fat’ and looking at […]