Lexie Rice

Lexie Rice

Strengths Based Family Coaching

Family Building

A day devoted to celebrating and enhancing the best of your family.   This workshop is fun for 1 to 10 families at a time.

  •    Pete and Repeat™
  •    Hear Gone and Ringing™
  •    Collaborative Canvas
  •    Strong Towers 
  •    Key Note
  •    Rock N Dough

This day is devoted to fun and strength building.   We spend time on understanding communication, practicing listening, and identifying fun things to do as a family that embraces celebrating success.

Cost $450- $600 per family depending on ages/activities

Steve Weber

Steve Weber

Gumption Experience

The Gumption to Change

When your team is looking at big changes we partner our process with Steve Weber – and his Gumption Experience.

  •  Function with Gumption™
  •  Live Your Life with Gumption™
  •  Change is Like a Box of Chocolates
  •  See the Forest Through the Trees

Our process has a moment of change so powerful it has been known as a catalyst for dynamic results.

Steve helps teams focus on the big picture, or major change objective. His Forrest Gump persona breaks down barriers that permits individuals – and groups – to feel comfortable, open up, and share their biggest concerns.

This event can last from 4-8 hours, and is tailored to your team’s unique needs.

Cost by Bid

Terri Wellborn

Wellborn Realty


This full day training event is a launching pad for a more productive team while fulfilling Continuing Education Credits needs:

  •    Bandanna Insights™
  •    Collaborative Canvas™ 
  •     Key  Note
  •     1-800-Ethical?

This event drives understanding between team members and fulfills Continuing Education Needs with a nod to humor, and interaction, not just a dry lecture.

Erika Willis

Willis and Associates

This full day training event is a powerhouse of collaboration and inspiration.   Our coaches and trainers will take you through:

  •    Bandana Insights™
  •    Collaborative Canvas™ 
  •     Key Note
  •     Hear Gone and Ringing™
  •     I’ve Got It!™
  •    Present and Accountable™

This event dives deep into the act of being present, without being too soft.  It will give your team a new way of thinking about personal accountability, and the act of gifting others with true presence.

Your Trainer

They Rock!

We Play Well With Others

When you pair a Canvas Creek Collaborative Art event with a your taining event you increase-

  • Buy In
  • Adaptability to Change
  • Retention
  • Meaning

We work with your training to reinforce the meaning, language, and goal of the topic covered.  At the end of the day your team will be stronger and have a physical, and colorful, reminder of what they learned.