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Collaborative Art by Canvas Creek Creates HAPPY teams!

Our mobile art studio is where your team will learn to adapt to change by collaborating, and that even the least creative people can create art…together!

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Art that bonds residents.

I recently held a team building event for the clean Energy team at EDF and was so lucky to have Karen leading a fabulous session on working together through art. Karen has a way to warm people up immediately to being open to artistic expression and even some of the early skeptics totally enjoyed the experience. But we did more than just enjoy it, we bonded over the creative process, we built on each other’s ideas, and we laughed a lot. The experience was great and her vision of how to build a sense of team through painting on canvas is absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who wants to transform their employees morale. This was by far the most successful team building event I have attended.


“It was like putting everyone’s personality under a magnifying glass- and then making them blend together.” 


Corporate team training and team building needs to be re-imagined and re-designed. And Karen Grosz is the person doing just that. She has “better ways” of being effective… called Canvas Creek. And like a creek, that knowledge flows so fluidly with ever session Karen leads.


“I didn’t want to do this activity- I thought it was a waste of time.  I was wrong, we moved through our issues and agenda with more ease after this event.”   

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Karen is a wonderful and very inspirational speaker. She has been our “Kick Off” many times for our annual flagship corporate event. I work with small business owners and Karen not only motivates them but gives them the tools to go back to their businesses and motivate their staff. She has a genuine way about her that makes you want to listen! She can work a crowd like no other I’ve seen. Put a bunch of people together in a room and let Karen do her magic. You will walk away inspired to do more and be better at what you do!

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